AIM Lite – Dead? Broken? (solved!)

As a mostly non-windows user, I try to keep my windows machine Lite. Not much I need it for these days. I do run an AIM IM client, “AIM Lite” – it’s very old hasn’t been updated in ages. It has a very small memory footprint, and is light on resource utilization as well as features. Monday, I fired it up to communicate with several AIM friends, and found it couldn’t connect.

Looks like AIM changed something in its server definitions. If you’ve experienced this or something related, comment below!

2/12/2012 – Solved by reader Toddkay!

Simply go into Settings and under the General tab, just set “Use Advanced Server” to NO. What this does is automatically change the connection host to “” and port 5190. And voila! AIM Lite is back!

Thanks for the comments. I briefly started using Pidgeon, because it is pretty vanilla, GTK+, small, and supports the protocols I need like IRC, Google, and Yahoo!

HOWEVER… I have gone back to using AIM Lite, because in the end it’s the smallest.