AIM Lite – Dead? Broken? (solved!)

As a mostly non-windows user, I try to keep my windows machine Lite. Not much I need it for these days. I do run an AIM IM client, “AIM Lite” – it’s very old hasn’t been updated in ages. It has a very small memory footprint, and is light on resource utilization as well as features. Monday, I fired it up to communicate with several AIM friends, and found it couldn’t connect.

Looks like AIM changed something in its server definitions. If you’ve experienced this or something related, comment below!

2/12/2012 – Solved by reader Toddkay!

Simply go into Settings and under the General tab, just set “Use Advanced Server” to NO. What this does is automatically change the connection host to “” and port 5190. And voila! AIM Lite is back!

Thanks for the comments. I briefly started using Pidgeon, because it is pretty vanilla, GTK+, small, and supports the protocols I need like IRC, Google, and Yahoo!

HOWEVER… I have gone back to using AIM Lite, because in the end it’s the smallest.

  • Toddkay

    I also was very disappointed/annoyed that my AIM Lite suddenly stopped working earlier this week. I was forced to rely on other more bulky clients like Digsby and vanilla AIM for the last 5 days, all while repeatedly checking AIM Lite to see if it had re-gained consciousness. Every time I would boot my home or work computer it would taunt me with it’s auto start, and instill just a little bit of rage when I would have to go poking around in the Start menu for an alternative. I scoured the web for info but this blog post seems to be the only mention of it I could find.

    HOWEVER I have good news for you today sir. If you have not already discovered this yourself, it is still possible to use AIM Lite. Simply go into Settings and under the General tab, just set “Use Advanced Server” to NO. What this does is automatically change the connection host to “” and port 5190. And voila! AIM Lite is back!

    It is unfortunate that there is literally zero Aim Lite support available on the web. Not that I could find, anyway. The original homepage now sadly just forwards to Perhaps it has been that way for a while though, I have no idea.

  • wirm

    I have been using aim lite for YEARS. As of a week or so ago, a friend and I can no longer connect. This has happened before, but never for this period of time. It looks like AimLite may finally be dead.

  • Scott

    It’s not working for me either, and hasn’t for a few days. I’ve had to resort to using regular AIM, which I find to be bloated, obtrusive, and a bother compared to AIM Lite. How is there no other info about this anywhere? We can’t be the only two AIM Lite users out there!

  • Kim

    Yup. Been having the same problem for the last week or so (at least that I can tell, don’t use AIM very often). It just sits there and tries to connect.

    • Kim

      Actually, I went to the website and changed my password, and now it’s connecting. Try changing your pw and signing on?

  • od

    Greg, I’m running into the same issue! Please let me know if you find a fix or another ‘lite’ option… and I will do the same!

    • od

      To follow up, I’ve found TerraIM (from SourceForge) that seems very light but has some weird font/UI issues. Trilliam seems like your best bet, and I’m going in that direction now… if you tweak the settings, it’s nice and lean like AIM Lite. Good luck!

  • langdon

    thanks for the tip, <3 aimlite, wish they hadn't abandoned it. nothing compares to its simplicity or efficiency.

  • Ryan

    Thank you thank you for this solution! Regular AIM was giving me fits… the utterly intrusive popup chat windows, the ads… long live AIM Lite, the far superior program.

  • Dale Picciano

    You made some fine points there. I did a search on the subject and found the majority of persons will agree with your blog.

  • m0ose

    Thank the lord of all things IM related, I couldn’t stand using actual AIM. AIM Lite is so much nicer. Thanks for the help!

  • Paul

    I too was wondering what happened to my AIM Lite and switched to Miramba IM for a while but I was not really happy with it – who really cares about all the unnecessary options in these IM clients.
    Anyway, thank-you for this simple yet elusive solution.